Happy clients of the Gym

Genee Norbert

When I first started working with Berhane, I could not do a sit up properly. Even though I worked out, I didn't see the results that I wanted and like many people, I would become frustrated and give up, to only return when it was time for the summer, wanting to look decent in summer clothing. Since... View Testimony

Genee NorbertCustomer

Luna Boricua

TestimonialI started a year ago with Berhane with the goal to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone and a leaner body. I have always had a good excersice discipline but needed to have the additional push to reach the goals. At BT Fitness I have been able increase muscle and tone my body, have a... View Testimony

Luna BoricuaCustomer


"A great personal trainer is such a rare combination" Berhane is by far the best. Working with him these last few months have been some of the most satisfying workout experiences of personal training (that isn't to say that Berhane absolutely kicked my butt, too, but in a nice, motivating way.) For... View Testimony


Alexandra M. Braun

"This is hands down the best class and trainer I have ever experienced. Trainer is amazing and extremely knowledgeable and classmates are friendly and encouraging. Wish I had discovered this sooner!." View Testimony

Alexandra M. BraunCustomer