About BT Fitness

BT Fitness is located in Alexandria,VA. We specialize in one-on-one personal training designed to help you lose weight and improve your health and fitness wellness. Our personal trainers can design a fitness program that is specific to you. We are able to optimize workouts that cater specifically to your present level of fitness, by gradually increasing workouts over time and you will see and feel the results throughout your entire body.

All programs are designed to meet your needs, regardless of your baseline fitness level, physical abilities, or financial situation. We offer easy monthly payment plan for those who qualify.

As personal trainers we will provide you with a nutritional plan that is specific to you. We can give you information on diets for either weight loss or gain. When the diets are tailored specifically to you, the desired results will be seen rapidly.

We are dedicated to safety, so we develop the safest fitness program for each client. All too often, people run to the gym and start exercising way beyond their capabilities after not exercising at all. This will do nothing for their fitness and can cause more harm than good. A BT Fitness

trainer will be able to show you how to work out most effectively and how to minimize injury.

We exist to help you get the most from your body, and we are just a excited as you are to see the results you want. BT Fitness is here to help you achieve the fitness goals that you desire!

We focus on: Weight lost, Toning/Firming, Fitness, Diet/Nutrition, Weight lifting, Strength training, Boot camp exercise, Group training, Discounted Family training, and much more....

Fitness Instructors


Fitness Instructor

  • Awards: 10
  • Strength training, conditioning
  • Experience: 16+ years


Fitness Instructor

  • Awards: 5
  • Strength training, conditioning
  • Experience: 3+ years

We have the best Equipments, Coachers and the Best Training Programs

Ever since I can remember, I have always been passionate and excited about fitness. I was a soccer player almost all my life, and decided in 1995 to pursue my passion of being a body builder. In 2007, I started working at GYM as a trainer, and I received my AFPA Personal Trainer certification. It was the most exciting accomplishment of my career! In 2010 I decided to open a fitness studio, and it still the best decision I ever made.
My goal in life is to help others accomplish their fitness goals, help them to live healthier and happier, and remind them that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. I am extremely motivated, especially when it comes to training and exercising. I strive to be the best at what I love to do and love making sure my clients are getting results and living healthy!
- Berhane Mehari, Fitness Instructor

Jamie has always had a love for fitness and was very active in sports as a kid. However, as she got older managing her weight was a struggle. It was hard for her to find balance between food and fitness goals. In 2015, she was fed up with the endless diet rollercoaster and decided to get serious. Her competitive side took over, and she made the decision to set a goal which she could not turn away from and registered for a NPC Bikini competition. Announcing her goals to friends and family kept her motivated to give it her all. She had 30lbs to lose in only 3 months. She took to the stage with so much confidence and rocked it! The experience taught Jamie so much more than the importance of fitness, exercise form, and nutrition plans. It taught her discipline, self love, and most importantly that she could do anything she wanted no matter the obstacles. Staying committed to her goals and staying consistent got her to where she is today. Since that moment she has dedicated her life to fitness and helping others through fitness training, nutritional planning, posing lessons, and moral support. Her mission is to reach as many people as possible through fitness so they too can be the best version of themselves.
- Jamie Formosa, Fitness Instructor